The ZX Ecosystem
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The ZX Spectrum library for C++ v1.1.0

These are the documentation pages for the header files of the ZX Ecosystem library.

With this library you will be able to make your C++ programs to look like a ZX Spectrum!
The library provides you with the graphical, keyboard, sound and mouse interfaces that
would be in a real ZX Spectrum.

Currently the ZX Ecosystem library is written for C++11 (and above) programs.

The main class is zx::ZX, which is defined in the The ZX Ecosystem module and
the ZXEcosystem.h file.

The zx::ZX class manages in turn all the components of the ZX Ecosystem, namely:

The rest of modules of this library provide underlying support for these ones.
You can use them for your own purposes (even not for ZX Spectrum-like programs!).

ZXEcosystem.h is the only header you need to include in your source code.
For building, you need to link against the library and also get the headers and lib files of:

You can find an example of program that uses the ZX Ecosystem library (for conducting
a number of tests) in the The main test of the ZX ecosystem library module.

For downloading the library and also get further information, go to its home page.

Juan-Antonio Fernandez-Madrigal.
v1.0.0: Aug-Nov 2016, v1.1.0: Oct 2018

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.